Billboards at City Centre Park

For under $10 / day, you can market your event, product, or service to over 7,000 West Shore residents and visitors every day. These digital billboards run from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week, and a limited number of ad slots ensure your ad will be display at least 252 times daily.

Download our information card (PDF) for more details, including rates, specifics, and maps.

Flexible features are also available: show different ads to commuters in the morning and in the evening, or show a different at on weekends! Show a static image, or use a short video or animated graphic to draw extra attention to your offering.

on Langford Parkway

Langford Parkway Digital Billboards

at Westhills Stadium

Westhills Stadium Digital Billboards


  • 14 ft. by 24 ft. outdoor LED billboards
  • Operating 7am – 9pm, 7 days a week
  • Facing Langford Parkway and Westhills Stadium
  • Limited ad slots ensure a minimum of 252 appearances daily

Benefits of Digital Billboards

  • Flexible advertising content (change ads weekly)
  • Target times of day or days of the week
  • Eye-catching, animated advertising (including videos)
  • More affordable than any other measured media
  • Quick turn around times


Colour Vibe 5K
Aniko Pearson – The Colour Vibe

“The ad was valuable to us because being a company that is not locally based, we were guaranteed that a large amount of people would see our ad on a daily basis and increase exposure for our event that we couldn’t have done on our own.”

Pacific Links



McKenzie Clarke – SportBox Entertainment Group

“The goal of the ad was to market the premium event at Bear Mountain to the city and residents of Langford in key areas, which I believe it did.”


Shamrocks Digital Billboards


Jason Sperling – Victoria Shamrocks Senior “A” Lacrosse Club

“Being on the 24-foot digital screens allows our fans to see our game highlights every week and what games are coming up. With the HD quality, it is like they are in the arena.”


Be Seen By…

Graphic Design

You can provide your own artwork, or you can ask us to provide artwork for you. We’ll use your specifications, colours, graphics, and copy to make an attractive, eye-catching digital billboard ad. Both static images and animated graphics are available to be created.