What We Do

Our broad expertise in real estate development combined with a range of community and sports activity interests produces a unique profile of “What We Do” as Keycorp. We specialize in handling all aspects of a real estate development project with the intent to package new communities owning their own unique identity. With the initial planning, rezoning, intricate design, quality development, strategic marketing, and an effective sales team, we have everything covered. We are pleased to have been creating award-winning real estate projects for communities for over 40 years.


We specialize in all aspects of real estate development including land acquisition, zoning, subdivision and strategic planning for successful financial and community results in residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Marketing & Sales

We handle all aspects of real estate marketing from initial research and product design to the overall branding and marketing of the finished product. With a turn-key approach, we manage projects from start to finish, ensuring that the partner, buyer or customer is experiencing satisfaction at every stage.

Property Leasing

Keycorp Property Leasing manages the marketing and contract negotiations of the leasing of all Keycorp owned buildings. This can apply to residential, commercial and industrial market needs.

Sports & Events

We are affiliated with community sports and manage all aspects of funding and marketing that a sports team needs to succeed. We do sponsorship sales and promotion, followed by marketing, community relations, merchandising and special events with on-site food and beverage.