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Secondary Suites Offer Endless Possibilities

The secondary suites found in contemporary British Columbia homes bear little resemblance to the “Granny Flats” or “Fonzie Flats” of previous generations.  Legal secondary suites provide affordable housing for renters and supplemental income for homeowners looking to pay down mortgages or just make ends meet.  These modern suites also serve to fill the growing demand for housing to accommodate extended… Read more →

Top Ten Reasons to Choose a New Home

If you are actively hunting for a new home or contemplating a move in the future, you have probably already wrestled with the big question of new construction vs. an existing home.  While older homes have their own charms and advantages, new construction offers buyers a number of major advantages that are hard to ignore.  Here are the top ten… Read more →

Townhouse Living – The Best of All Worlds

For a certain category of homebuyer, the purchase of a townhouse represents an attractive compromise in the sometimes-difficult choice between a single-family home and a condominium.  Single-family homes offer square footage, acreage and privacy while condominium living enables unit owners to enjoy freedom from direct responsibility for exterior maintenance and repairs.  Each has advantages and disadvantages and for buyers who… Read more →

Safe Homes Are Happy Homes

Safety begins at home, they say, and so here are a few simple tips for protective measures that will go a long way toward ensuring you and your loved ones are safe and sound at home.   Smoke Detectors – When installed and maintained properly, smoke detectors save lives. Just ask a firefighter! In British Columbia, smoke detectors are required… Read more →

Care and Maintenance of Quartz Countertops

Now that you have a gorgeous brand new quartz countertop – here is what you need to know to keep it shiny and bright.  With proper care and very basic cleaning techniques, your quartz countertop should look new for many years to come.  Engineered from natural stone (usually about 94%), synthetic polymers and pigments for color, you would be hard-pressed… Read more →