Top Ten Reasons to Choose a New Home

If you are actively hunting for a new home or contemplating a move in the future, you have probably already wrestled with the big question of new construction vs. an existing home.  While older homes have their own charms and advantages, new construction offers buyers a number of major advantages that are hard to ignore.  Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider purchasing a newly built home:

McCormick Meadows Panorama


New homes are usually priced right in line with current market trends.  Built, sold and marketed by professionals, these homes are not subject to the emotional overpricing often associated with individual sellers looking to sell their existing home.  They are built with the design elements that today’s home buyers want and, for this reason, new construction offers value and appreciation potential without much of the risk associated with older homes.


So often, home buyers find a house they love in a listing only to discover it is situated too close to a highway or on a noisy street.  When you choose a new construction home, you are in control of the home’s location.  Some families will want to be close to community centers and playgrounds while others will prefer the quiet corner of a cul-de-sac.   New construction allows you to choose a site that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

Health Concerns

New construction homes are safer and healthier than their older counterparts.  They are free from concerns relating to lead paint and asbestos that often cause nightmares in older homes.  Basement spaces in new homes tend to be airtight and free of penetrating water problems that can lead to mold infestation and all kinds of health issues.


You will not be the only new kid on the block in a new community.  Since your neighbours will all be in the same position, there will be plenty of opportunities to meet new people and build friendships that may last your lifetime. This is an important advantage for families with young children.

Low Maintenance

Since everything is brand new, maintenance costs associated with a new home are minimal.  Anyone who has ever owned an older home can testify to the fact that costly repair and maintenance items often threaten to turn older homes into money pits.

Options and Upgrades

When you purchase an older home, you may be able to negotiate certain repairs, but you will essentially be buying the home “as is.”  New construction comes complete with multiple options and upgrades.   Suppose you are a master chef with no need for the builder’s basic kitchen appliances.   In this and many other instances, upgrades are in order.  The buyer can choose to spend as much or as little as they desire on options to suit their needs and sense of style.


There is simply no comparing the energy-efficiency of new construction to older homes.  Even a home that is only five or ten years old will pale next to today’s homes that are designed for maximum efficiency.

Blank Canvas for Your Decorating Vision

Everyone has a vision in mind of how their dream home will look.  It is much easier to decorate a blank slate than tear out a previous owner’s decorating dream to realize your own. A new construction home provides the canvas your inner decorator needs to get to work.

Contemporary Floor Plans

Today’s home buyers are enamored of open concept layouts.  Developers of new construction homes are aware of this and offer buyers many variations on the open concept theme.  There is no need to start tearing down walls in today’s newer homes.

New Home Warranty

New homes come wrapped in warranty programs that protect against defects in workmanship for a specified period of time.  You should not have to pay for repair or replacement of big ticket items such as roofs, septic or HVAC systems for many years to come. No such coverage is normally available when you buy an older home.

Older homes can be alluring, especially those that have been kept-up and modernized.  If, however, you are more attracted to a stress-free, low maintenance lifestyle with fairly predictable monthly expenses and more leisure time, new construction may be the best choice for you.