Rancher Homes Surge in Popularity

When it comes to rancher homes, it seems that everything old is new again.  Spurned by homebuyers for several decades, ranchers are now enjoying a strong resurgence.   With style updates that lend these homes a distinctly contemporary feel, today’s rancher homes are luring buyers to the world of one-story living.   Everyone from first-time buyers to baby boomers are taking the bait.  Here are just a few of the many features that are attracting homebuyers to modern rancher homes.

The "Hudson" floor plan, available at McCormick Meadows, is a rancher home designed by Keycorp.

The “Hudson” floor plan, available at McCormick Meadows, is a rancher home brought to you by Keycorp.

The trend toward rancher homes mirrors an overall societal shift toward smaller homes and lots.  – While there will always be buyers who want and need supersized homes with ample square footage and acreage, the overall trend nowadays is in the direction of smaller homes, and rancher living meshes perfectly with this new aesthetic.  Housing trends come and go, but right now, developers and homebuyers alike are interested in more community-oriented housing developments with less sprawl.  Contemporary ranchers with their reduced carbon footprint fit the bill.

Rancher homes are senior friendly, but young families love them too. – Baby boomers and seniors love rancher homes because the one-floor lifestyle allows them to age in place; however, older buyers are not the only demographic group attracted to one-story living,  Families with young children appreciate the comfort of having little ones within their sightline at all times, as do extended families with older household members.

Ranchers are the perfect architectural style for open concept floor plans. – Today’s homebuyers are in love with open concept floor plans and this style blends perfectly with rancher’s informal, casual lifestyle.  While old-school ranchers tended to divide the space with half-walls, archways and other non-structural dividers, contemporary ranchers are free flowing and open.   In the interest of privacy, the master bedroom is often located on one side of the home with the other bedrooms on the opposite side of the main living area.

Ranchers are light, airy and perfect for maximizing indoor-outdoor flow. – The absence of a second floor in ranchers permits soaring, vaulted ceilings and expansive windows that allow plenty of light and fresh air to flow through the home and enable nature lovers to savor the views.  A single step outside through French doors or retractable sliders brings the outdoors in and vice versa.  With a little bit of imagination, rancher owners can easily fashion another room from their home’s outdoor space that will feel like a logical extension of the living space.

With their many physical and economic advantages, rancher homes are an excellent choice for young families, older adults looking to downsize and people of every age looking for the right home to complement their lifestyle.